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Nepalese children and education – the hope of a nation (part 2)

In the private schools of Nepal, where early childhood education is available, there ‘re some impediments to education. Especially the cost of this education is a big obstacle for many Nepalese parents. The level of education in these private schools is mostly of high quality, with the assistance of well educated teachers and with good facilitations.

Let’s do something for the poor children of Nepal. Let’s show them our care, let them have a real home, let them have back their rights to be a child of the nation, let them  experience to have school and to be educated and let us share with them our big love that they’re supposed to have.

 These children are the hope of the Nepalese nation. Let’s cherish them and make them have a good and nice living as that’s what they deserve.  It’s really nice and good to see those innocent children’s faces smiling and hear their big laughter’s. It’s good to feel that they’re in school learning and educated to have a bright vision and make a clear future.

If you want to support a poor child, to give him or her an education in a private school, you can contact my Nepalese friend Mr. Shyam Karki (see publication on my blog dated January 27th), who’s the director of the Kalyan Secondary School in Lalitpur, Nepal. If you decide to give financial or material support you can contact him. Thanks in advance.

More about this school in one of the next coming articles.

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