Children & Buffalos in Vietnam

Buffalos are very sturdy animals, who help Vietnamese farmers in countless arduous agricultural work.  It is considered the very faithful and constant companion in the peasants’ lives. The Mekong delta rice paddies conjure the picture of Vietnamese children, riding on the back of the buffalos, going home after a day’s work. The buffalos are often seen as playmates for the farmer kids.

“Ai ba?o cha~n tra^u la` kho^?. Cha~n tra^u su?o?’ng la~’m chu?’. Ngo^`i mi`nh tra^u pha^’t ngo.n co?` lau. Ro^’i mie^.ng ha’t nge^u ngao…. “

(Who can say taking care of buffalos is a painful chore?  Actually it’s a nice life… I can ride on the buffalo, shrub in hand, waving it like a flag while uttering some songs…. )

Buffalos are considered faithful and painstaking . The Vietnamese zodiac describes the people born under the sign of this animal, as constant, steady, laborious and stubborn. These complimentary qualifiers are also used to describe the buffalos.

These bovine friends are quite appreciated and well taken care of, in Vietnam, because they are the necessary work and life companions of the Vietnamese farmers. Without buffalos, there will be no work in the rice paddies. Without planting rice, there will be famine. The buffalo is a sacred animal.


2 Responses to “Children & Buffalos in Vietnam”

  1. March 12, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Wow! Your pictures and blog is the best I have seen! Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing and for promoting my wanderlust….I need to see these places!

  2. November 29, 2017 at 6:05 am

    Hello from Vietnam. I ‘ve read not just this but a few more posts about Vietnam in your blogs. They remind me a lot of things, like this one is something connect to my childhood. Or the black teeth remind me about my grand mother, but it is a tradition we should not follow :). And the poem as well. “Ai bảo chăn trâu là khổ?” It’s a part of a popular poem of Giang Nam, we learn on the preliminary school, and again remind me about my childhood. I can imagine it takes sometime to type these Vietnamese sentence.
    Anyway, if any one need travel arrangement or more info on tourist site in Vietnam, can visit our website at http://itsvietnam.com
    Good luck for your next journey.

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