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Lalitpur, Nepal – Kalyan Secondary School: be polite, be truthful ( Part 2 )

As mentioned in my yesterday’s article, I’ll provide you some additional information about the Kalyan English Secondary boarding school, situated in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Not all parents can afford this education + the extra cost of the school uniform and books. Actually some of the poor students are sponsored by people from different organizations, included Belgian benefactors. Most of the students are from local area. Some of them come from Patan or Kathmandu city.

There’re 4 exams in a year called the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final terms. Mainly all students have summer vacation for 2 weeks, Dashain vacation for 10 days, Dipawali vacation for another 6 days, a 2-weeks taking winter vacation and some public holidays. The new school year starts from April 17th every year. Every year the students of the 10th class have to appear for the board of school leaving examination which is running under the Nepalese board. Until now all students leaving Kalyan Secondary School have succeeded in these tests. These students can go to 11th class in another place. In the near future the school management wants to add class 11 and class 12 to his facilitations. That’s why extension works are going on at the moment. An additional floor is under construction and should produce more classrooms.

The school has a club of former students and they come to school for different programs after invitation by the school staff. Several times a year different meetings are organized to inform the student’s parents about the yearly calendar, the school budget and about the policy of quality education. After each term of the examination, the parents are invited to come to collect the report cards of their son(s) and/or daughter(s). Once a year the school organizes a special parent’s program with dances, music, exhibitions, arts and crafts. This yearly program is attended by the District education officer and other VIP’s from the Nepalese Ministry of education.

Kalyan English Secondary Boarding School is located Dhapakhel – 9, Lalitpur, NEPAL and has a private Post Office box to receive letters from benefactors and sponsors from over the world. If you want to make a financial or material donation to the school, if you want to help the poor children by paying their monthly tutorial fee, or if you want to work in the school as a volunteer, you can take contact with the Director of this school by letter addressed to Mr. Shyam Karki, PO Box 20087 – Kathmandu, Nepal or by email to

In name of the staff and the students of the Kalyan English Secondary Boarding School, we thank you for your support!!


Lalitpur, Nepal – Kalyan Secondary School: be polite, be truthful ( Part 1 )

As promised in my articles titled ‘Nepalese children and education – a hope of a nation (part 1 & 2)’ dated February 27th and 28th, I want to inform you about the ins and outs of the Kalyan English Secondary Boarding school of Nepal.

Kalyan English Secondary Boarding School is actually located in Lalitpur, a village in the Patan district of Kathmandu. The school was founded in 1996 and was first run in a small rented house. At these days the school was under the management of 15 people and 125 students could enjoy the private education. Due to the 10-years taking civil war (1996 – 2006) between the King and the Maoists, Nepal and the Nepalese people suffered a lot. As a result of this civil war, tourism (only considerably source of income for Nepal) collapsed entirely. So my dearest friend Mr. Shyam Karki (see article published on my blog at January 27th), who was working as a tourist guide for many years, saw his income disappear.

Mr. Shyam Karki - Director of Kalyan School

In search for a new professional career, and with the assistance of some of his Belgian friends, Shyam got the opportunity to buy the school and to start his career as School Director in February 2003. Between 2003 and 2005 Shyam and his staff managed the school in the same old rented house. As more students were coming to the school, and as this old building had only small and dark classrooms, Shyam has let build the new school building in 2005. Mr. Shyam Karki (°January 27th 1964) is married to Anjoo and has two children, his son Swachchhanda  and his daughter Samriddhi.

Shyam Karki and his family.

Now the new school has around 350 students and offers education to children from Kindergarten to 10th class. Therefore there’re 14 class rooms available. Shyam is the principal (or Director) of this school and his staff exists out of 22 well qualified teachers for various subjects and 4 non-teaching staff members. Recently several volunteers came from different parts of the world, especially from English native speaking countries such as the USA and England to teach the English language. These volunteers are all graduated teachers.

The school offers a high qualified education and runs under the rules of the Nepalese Ministry of education. The education calendar (subjects, public holidays, etc…) is fixed by the government. The monthly fee to be paid by the students, is stipulated by the Nepalese government based on the facilities of the school and on the qualifications and experience of the teachers. The actual monthly fee to be paid by the students, varies between 650 Rs (around 10,00 € or US$15,00) for the nursery and kindergarten classes, to 1.290 Rs (around 20,00 € to US$30) for the students in secondary level. This fee includes the use of all facilities in the school, a high level quality education and the transportation by minibus. The extra facilities of this school are among other things: library, computer class with 6 computers and two laptops, outside play yard, music classroom, inside play yard for the children from nursery school and kindergarten and a sports play yard with possibilities to play basketball, table tennis and other sports. 

Tomorrow I will give you some additional information about this school.


In memory of Mr. Shashi Ram Bhandary

Yesterday evening, I received the sad news that one of my dearest Nepalese friends, Mr. Shashi Ram Bhandary, had passed away in the Patan hospital on Monday the 7th of March.

According to the Hindu Death Rituals and Beliefs, his body was cremated last Tuesday at the Pashupatinath temple near the Bagmati river.

Shashi was the founder and Managing Director of Shashi’s Holidays International Travel & Tours (P) Ltd, one of the best Nepalese travel agencies. His agency was founded in 1984 on the principle of providing maximum customers satisfaction, and all tours and adventures were based on his personal experiences amassed during his extensive tours of his country’s hinterlands. For the last 12 years I’ve been visiting Nepal several times and every time Shashi took care of the organization of my trip. Not only he was very professional in his organization, but he knew what I liked to see and what I wanted to take pictures of.

Not only he was an excellent business man who loved his country, he was also a great writer of Nepali poems. He has written and published several books with his touching, sensitive Nepali words.

I lost a good friend, but my thoughts are with his family, who he loved so much.

To his wife Bijaya, his son Sajeev, his daughters Smriti and Yubika, his son-in-law Siroo, his daughter-in-law Karin and his granddaughter Samjhana, who he loved so much, I want to convey them our sincerest condolences. Shashi was a good husband, a good father, a wonderful grandfather and a good friend of mine.

I will never forget when we said goodbye in Kathmandu during my last stay in Nepal in November 2009. My wife and myself were invited by him to have dinner together with his family. We had a perfect evening with excellent food, good conversations and lots of pleasure. At that occasion he gave me a special gift, a limited edition of a Khukuri Gurkha knife. After our return back to Belgium, this souvenir got a special place of honor in our living room. I will cherish this gift forever as a gift from a special man, a true friend and every day when my eyes cross this Khukuri, my thoughts will be with him.

Since November 2009 we have been e-mailing and calling each other on regular basis. We were actually planning together a new trip to Nepal in November 2011. The Gods have decided that we will not see each other during that occasion.

Rest in peace, my friend.

One day we will meet again.


Happy birthday Shyam!

Today it’s one of my best friends’ birthday.

Shyam Karki is living with his family in Kathmandu – Nepal and has always been my loyal guide during my different photo trips to Nepal.

Even though his main job has been changed from guide to director of a private school for some years now, he’s still accompanying me whenever I visit his wonderful country.

I really appreciate he’s always taking some time free to guide me around whenever I come to Nepal. My last visit dates from 2009 when we were enjoying together a trekking around the Annapurna mountain range area.

Thanks for everything you ‘ve been doing for me and make sure you’re enjoying your special day together with your family, friends and beloved ones. In my thoughts I will be present at your birthday party.

Shyam Karki at Poon Hill

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